Established in 2021

MAHAA, Non-Profit Organization has been established by volunteers to offer necessary humanitarian assistance and aid to Myanmar people under hardship due to political unrest and pandemic conditions.

Main purpose of MAHAA –

(1) to communicate with Myanmar/American communities, families and individuals affected by natural or manmade disasters and assess the situations.

(2) to provide humanitarian aid and emergency relief to the affected communities in Burma (Myanmar) and abroad as relevant

(3) to provide humanitarian assistance to affected communities in prevention of recurring the disaster again.

(4) to assist in public awareness campaign to affected communities related to preventing the disaster happening again.

We look forward to your continuing support and donation for Myanmar.



MAHAA will do necessary assistance and support for Myanmar in any disaster (manmade or natural).


To overcome all hardships and achieve safe and peaceful environment for all people in Myanmar regardless of race, ethnicity and religions.