Fundraising for Humanitarian Aid

MAHAA has been doing fundraising events for humanitarian aid to Burma (Myanmar) since it was established in March 2021. So far, together with other organizations, MAHAA has done 5 fundraising food fairs and donated to Burma.

Fundraising from Individual and Groups

MAHAA also accept any donation from individuals and groups to provide humanitarian supports to people in Burma (Myanmar) under natural or manmade disasters. All donations are tax deductible. Please click on Donate Us menu for more detail.

Collaboration with other organizations as relevant

MAHAA has been in collaboration with other humanitarian organizations worldwide accordingly.


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You can donate MAHAA in three ways:

1) By PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards, please click on Donate Button below:

If you are using mobile, please use the following QR Code.

2) By Zelle: Donor with US Bank Accounts can donate to MAHAA using   Please mention your name, contacts and purpose of your donation.

3) By Check: Make a check payable to “MAHAA” and mail it to the address below:
5628 Waldron St., Corona, NY 11368

Yes.  MAHAA is registered as 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization (run by all volunteers).


MAHAA can also accept reasonable souvenir and jewelry for donation (will convert via auction or resale).


Yes.  Welcome any volunteers with good wills.